Inspecting Embryolisse



This hydrating gold mine has been getting attention from all over the world. With plenty of press and positive reviews from the Today Show to Milan Fashion Week, I think it’s pretty evident that this product is worth our time. As inspectors we get down to the gritty that no one talks about, not afraid to spill the beans on products we approve or don’t approve of. As women, dry flakey skin is our worst nightmare and some brands out there just don’t do the justice, but after inspecting Embryolisse, I must admit that there are no flaws here. They get extra points for delivering their promise but they really hit the home run with their story and how the product came about. You know a brand knows what they are doing when they’ve been in the dermo-cosmetic industry for over 6o years. Like many beauty brand households, Embryolisse was created in Paris, France. In 1950 a Paris hospital dermatologist , who’s expertise was in skin disease, created the “Milk-Cream Concentrate”. This product is definitely one of those that were handed down from mother to daughter for generations. Embryolisse Laboratories seem to adopt a common performance for their product, that is safety, as explained on their webpage ( I for one, as well as millions of customers worldwide, agree that this hydrating face cream is quiet the gem.  A beauty secret for many makeup artists, this product is great to use as a daily moisturizer, makeup primer, or just to use on occasional dry spells. Not matter what Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentre will never let you down. Inspected and approved.