Ladies and Gents let's get honest…

We know somehow it is still a taboo amongst people but let's get real ,we all know it takes more than yoga and green juice to look great past a certain age


Our interest in beauty started at an early age. We started doing research which then followed with treatments and products. In our inner circle of friends they always asked us for advice, guess we were doing sometime right… we were always surprised how little women know when we put the cards on the table and had an honest discussion. Two inspectors are here to extend the circle. We want everybody to be their most beautiful and for that we want share our knowledge and experiences. Whether good or bad, we will give you our top choices. We are not just about make up, we favor great skin, a great canvas to begin with. We believe if you have great skin you automatically feel more beautiful. So let's start from there!




We didn’t wake up like this,


Inspector Beauty